Flex & AIR – DragManager & NativeDragManager

While playing / exploring  to some new features of Flex 3 and AIR, I found one difference about DragManagers.

In AIR – API  a new ‘ NativeDragManager ‘ has been included.

If you have made your AIR application with <mx:WindowedApplication> tag it would be using ‘ NativeDragManager ‘ in place of old Flex’s   ‘ DragManager ‘. Same way if your AIR application made with <mx:Application> tag then it would be using ‘ DragManager ‘.

The NavtiveDragManager facilitates and allows an AIR Applications to be able to drag items inside and outside of AIR Windows automatically.

And there is a difference can also be noticed of using the NativeDragManager by their respective cursors.  If you are using NativeDragManager, when you drag an item over a target which is invalid, the system shows an icon with a black circle with lines.  And if you are using DragManager, when an item dragged over an invalid target, system shows a red circle with ‘ x ‘ mark on it.

And event are changed, too.


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