Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) : Update Framework


A very nice update from Adobe Labs for AIR ( Adobe Integrated Runtime ) :

Today, Adobe announces AIR Update Framework.

Now, AIR applications can search for their updated versions very easily.

Guys, I think, now, we may see some Tough & Strong Antivirus applications on sleek and glossy Flex, Actionscript and AIR, too.

The significance of this Update Framework is, the AIR applications made with Flex – Actionscript 3 and HTML – Javascript, can be easily updated.

The functionality present in update framework assists developers in the following:

* Periodically checking for updates based on an interval or at the request of the user
* Downloading AIR files (updates) from a web source
* Alerting the user on the first run of the newly installed version or performing data migration
* Confirming that the user wants to check for updates
* Displaying information to the user on the new available version for download
* Displaying download progress and error information to the user

Though the framework is in Beta Phase, but still it is worth full to use it at this moment and to get expertise on it from, now.

Enjoy Flexing . . . . .  🙂



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