Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK and Flash Builder 4.5

Hi Folks,

It seems Adobe is ready to release of Flex SDK  and Flash Builder, both with new version 4.5    That sounds really good, isn’t it…!!!

On Adobe Flex Opensource web site release of Flex 4.5 SDK  is mentioned in May 2011.


Some key Highlights:-

  • Multi-Screen Development: Allow developers to build applications that target the web, desktop or mobile devices using a single unified framework.
  • Spark Maturation: Polish and grow the Spark architecture by adding new Spark components and capabilities.
  • Large-Application Development: Support developers building large applications by improving fundamental pieces of the Flex infrastructure.

Seems, Adobe is expecting to change the Game with this version.

For more details click here.


I am eagerly waiting for May- 2011 along with Adobe, too.   😉


Enjoy Flexing

~  Mayur Rami


Flex/Flash series of online seminars

Wow…    Friends / Folks,

Adobe is going to start an online series of  ” Flex/Flash Online Seminars ” – during the week of June 7 to June 11, 2010.

specially for India,   UK and   Europe (Central/Western and Eastern Europe)  Developers as well Designers, too.

Timings of Most of sessions will be (below timings are in IST – Indian Standard Time). . . . .

1)   Afternoon session  –   4:30 p.m.  to  5:30  p.m.

16:30 – 17:30 India (Mumbai, New Delhi)

2)   Evening session  –   7:30 p.m.  to  8:30  p.m.

19:30 – 20:30 India (Mumbai, New Delhi)

Sessions would be on :

  1. Erase the Designer to Developer gap: Adding interactions to your design
  2. Connecting your design to PHP services
  3. Connecting a web application to a J2EE backend using Flash Builder 4
  4. Working with Flash CS5 components in your Flash Builder 4 project
  5. Going multi-user with P2P in Flash Player 10.1
  6. Developing multi-user applications with LiveCycle services
  7. Bringing web Applications to the desktop with AIR 2.0
  8. Code once and run on multiple mobile devices
  9. EXTRA SESSION: Rapidly build, deploy, and maintain Internet apps with ColdFusion

E-Seminar series will be covering variety of  Adobe Technologies like

  • Adobe® Flash® Platform,
  • Adobe® Flex®,
  • Adobe® Flash® Builder™,
  • Adobe® AIR®,
  • Adobe® Flash® Player
  • Adobe® Creative Suite® 5    etc.
  • along with  how to use / integrate with other technologies like ColdFusion, php and J2EE

for  more details and registration visit.

Hurry Up…  Register your self and let me know.

We need to create a strong skill full community.

If any issues while registration let me know, I may help you to register.

Enjoy Flexing    🙂

~ Mayur Rami

Adobe Certified Expert   –    Flex 3 with AIR

Flash Builder 4 is released

Adobe has also released Flash Builder ( formerly known as Flex Builder) on 21st March 2010 along with Flex 4 (beta code name Gumbo) .

You can see at  Flash Builder 4.

Flash Builder has two diff. editions.

  1. Flash Builder 4 Premium Edition

  2. Flash Builder 4 Standard Edition

Obvious Premium Edition is costlier than Standard Edition. Flash Builder 4 Premium Edition costs US$699 and Standard Edition costs US$249.

For more details visit Flash Builder 4 purchase options.

Mayur Rami   🙂

~ Enjoy Flexing

Mayur : Flex 3 and AIR certified


I want to share my happiness with you.

I have passed Adobe Flex 3 ACE certification.

I really thankful to Adobe Flex and Flash agile community for this, especially to FlexCoders (Yahoo group) and Flex India Community ( Google group dedicated to Flex and related technologies).

I am really delighted on owning  Adobe® Flex 3 with AIR ACE

Mayur Rami

~ Enjoy Flexing   🙂

AIR 1.5, CoCoMo, Flash Player 10 64 bit, Flex 4 Gumbo, Flash Catalyst


Go and check Adobe MAX and Adobe’s official web sites as they have so many announcements on .

On first day, 17th Nov 2008, of MAX – Adobe announced about some new Products and Technologies.

Flex Video Tutorials – Adding visual appeal

In Flex Video Series – Flex In Week

Part 4 has been added as Day 4: Adding visual appeal

I covers some good topics too,

Enjoy Flexing . . . 🙂

Mayur Rami

Solve Flex Bugs and get Flex Books : Amazing

Flex is really going Innovative ways.

Now you can be a, Flex 3 Contributor.  Solve 3 Bugs from Flex Bugs list JIRA and you will get a Flex Book of your wish from Amazon by Adobe Flex Team. Isn’t it amazing…!!

This is rally a very innovative way to make community more aware and to understand the details of the SDK of Flex 3 (Flex frame work) with ActionScrpt 3, as well as AIR.

Even you can get MAX 2008 registration.

For the first two contributors to have 10 patches committed, we’ll pay for your MAX 2008 registration (any region).

One more thing which like, too is :

Incentive Program Rules (subject to adjustment at any time)

  • You must follow our Coding Conventions
  • You must be a citizen of Earth (no proof required)
  • You must be helpful in providing book options in your wish list that won’t get the Flex team fired if we buy it
  • You must not deluge the system with silly bugs in an attempt to provide fixes

Flex is in real mean an Open Source.

Enjoy flexing . . .

Mayur Rami 🙂