Flex : Cotainer class – backgroundAttachment

Note : Same post as previous one.


Today, I come to know another one Gem of Flex.

A need arise in my one project, while my development,

I have to create same functionality as done in HTML.

i.e. HTML – Body tag we provide backGround image with size ” fixed “.

<body style=”background:url(images/background.png) fixed”>

So, when ever we scroll the contents,

the background image will not be scrolling, only contents will scroll.

Same type functionality, I need to achieve in flex.

So I dwell deep into Flex frame work and got one more Pearl…!!! Oh, that’s consistent.

That’s why I like flex more than oteher tech.

This time, the pearl is, style property : backgroundAttachment

The ” backgroundAttachment ” is of mx.core.Container class style property.

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Flex Video Tutorials – Adding visual appeal

In Flex Video Series – Flex In Week

Part 4 has been added as Day 4: Adding visual appeal

I covers some good topics too,

Enjoy Flexing . . . 🙂

Mayur Rami

Flex Video Tutorials


Be happy, Adobe has announced an entire week for Flex Video Tutorials.

There are some exercises too given, to dirty your hands with and to brighten your skills.

Initially first Three days videos are listed. Schedule for other days will be declared later on.

So, Enjoy Flexing… 🙂

Mayur Rami

Solve Flex Bugs and get Flex Books : Amazing

Flex is really going Innovative ways.

Now you can be a, Flex 3 Contributor.  Solve 3 Bugs from Flex Bugs list JIRA and you will get a Flex Book of your wish from Amazon by Adobe Flex Team. Isn’t it amazing…!!

This is rally a very innovative way to make community more aware and to understand the details of the SDK of Flex 3 (Flex frame work) with ActionScrpt 3, as well as AIR.

Even you can get MAX 2008 registration.

For the first two contributors to have 10 patches committed, we’ll pay for your MAX 2008 registration (any region).

One more thing which like, too is :

Incentive Program Rules (subject to adjustment at any time)

  • You must follow our Coding Conventions
  • You must be a citizen of Earth (no proof required)
  • You must be helpful in providing book options in your wish list that won’t get the Flex team fired if we buy it
  • You must not deluge the system with silly bugs in an attempt to provide fixes

Flex is in real mean an Open Source.

Enjoy flexing . . .

Mayur Rami 🙂

Close PopUps, TitleWindow, Panel etc by clicking the modal in Flex

I got one query, how to close Popups ( TitleWindow, Panel etc. ) just by clicking on Modal.

A functionality which we found in HTML / Javascript based modal (with lightbox ), some thing we can see now a days in Yahoo Mails, when we see images attached in our mails.

See, Modal is actually a FlexSprite instance in Flex frame work (same as well for AIR ). The Modal is created by SystemManager in Flex.

So, if we want to just close ( or to perform any business logic ), it is very easy, just listen for an Event.

The event is : ‘ mouseDownOutside ‘ .
A simple example is as below…
There are two files : 1) ModalTitleWindow.mxml 2) ModalClose.mxml

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Flash Player 10 Documentation

Adobe has kept their promise towards ‘ Open source ‘ softwares.

Adobe has released Flash Player 10 ( beta Astro )Documentation

Really Flash Player 10 has many more new features like for 3D, New Support for Text, Improved Fillers and Effects etc.

Some newly added packages and Classes in Flash Player 10 are as below.

  • flash.desktop
  • flash.text.engine
  • flash.geom
  • flash.geom.MAtrix3D
  • flash.geom.Orientation3D
  • flash.geom.Utils3D
  • flash.geom.Vector3D
  • Top Level – Vector etc.

Go and get it from… here

This will really improve the development of  AIR applications with Flex and Actionscrpt 3.

Above all these, One thing Adobe missed out is improvement over Zooming. ( Yes, there must some improved support for Zooming like ” Deep Zoom – of – Silverlight )

Mayur Rami

Google Maps API for Actionscript 3, Flex and Flash


Actionscrpt 3 got another feather. Google announced ‘Google MAP API in Actionscript 3 ‘ through which integration of Google MAPs in Flex and Flash, easily possible, now.

I welcomes Google in actionscript arena…

(Note : I would comment as, due to strategic pressure after Yahoo Map API, ESRI Map API etc. for Actionscript 3, goole has come up with… )

What so ever it may be… benefits will goes to RIA developers and lacs of net users.

I would like to say… last but not the least…

Happy Flexing… 🙂

Mayur Rami