Flash Player 10 Released

Welcome to Flash Player 10 – Adobe recently on 15- October -2008, released Flash Player 10

Flash Player 10, is with around 15 NEW features and 8 Enhanced features.

New Features,

  1. 3D effects
  2. Custom filters and effects
  3. Advanced text support
  4. Color management
  5. Speex audio codec
  6. Dynamic Streaming
  7. Real Time Media Flow Protocol
  8. Dynamic sound generation
  9. Text engine
  10. Pixel Bender
  11. Vector data type
  12. File upload and download APIs
  13. Webcam/microphone
  14. Public bugbase
  15. Ubuntu suppor

Enhanced Features,

  1. Large bitmap support
  2. Full-screen playback
  3. Drawing API
  4. Context menu
  5. Hardware acceleration
  6. Anti-aliasing engine (Saffron 3.1)
  7. Read/write clipboard access
  8. WMODE

You can get more details on each form Flash Player 10 New Features.

With the release of Flash Player 10, some people are saying the end of era – Flash Player 9.

But I don’t think so, it will be so, soon. The way – with Jet speed – FP9 got its presence in computers world wide, I don’t think so same way FP10 will also get its presence.

What do you think ? Let me know about your comments.

Anyway, I really like Flash Player 9Start of AVM2era.

Good bye Flash Player 9 ๐Ÿ™‚

Welcome Flash Player 10 ๐Ÿ™‚

It seems Flash platform is Flexing . . . ๐Ÿ˜‰


Flex Video Tutorials – Adding visual appeal

In Flex Video Series – Flex In Week

Part 4 has been added as Day 4: Adding visual appeal

I covers some good topics too,

Enjoy Flexing . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

Mayur Rami

Flash Player 10 Documentation

Adobe has kept their promise towards ‘ Open source ‘ softwares.

Adobe has released Flash Player 10 ( beta Astro )Documentation

Really Flash Player 10 has many more new features like for 3D, New Support for Text, Improved Fillers and Effects etc.

Some newly added packages and Classes in Flash Player 10 are as below.

  • flash.desktop
  • flash.text.engine
  • flash.geom
  • flash.geom.MAtrix3D
  • flash.geom.Orientation3D
  • flash.geom.Utils3D
  • flash.geom.Vector3D
  • Top Level – Vector etc.

Go and get it from… here

This will really improve the development ofย  AIR applications with Flex and Actionscrpt 3.

Above all these, One thing Adobe missed out is improvement over Zooming. ( Yes, there must some improved support for Zooming like ” Deep Zoom – of – Silverlight )

Mayur Rami

MXNA is Adobe Feeds, now


A very small and general blog post.

But Adobe Feeds is so Huge for knowledge

Nice Adobe. ๐Ÿ™‚