Alert and Popup modal, transparancy, color and blur changes

Today, I am going to post some thing on Popup custom settings. We can change some properties like Popup modal, transparency, color and Blur.

These properties are of style. This has been a very long avaited request from my designer friends. (especially by : Mandu)

In flex ‘<Application />’ tag has mainly four attributes related to modal properties of pop-ups.

  1. modalTransparency
  2. modalTransparencyBlur
  3. modalTransparencyColor
  4. modalTransparencyDuration

Their default values are “0.5”, “3”, “0xDDDDDD” and “100” respectively. Changes to these properties are applicable to entire application level.

But, we can do same changes to separate components too. ( As I have shown in my example.)

Let me show… in image (1) We can see the default Alert / Popup window of flex

Noraml flex alert / popup customized Flex popup / alert

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