Solve Flex Bugs and get Flex Books : Amazing

Flex is really going Innovative ways.

Now you can be a, Flex 3 Contributor.  Solve 3 Bugs from Flex Bugs list JIRA and you will get a Flex Book of your wish from Amazon by Adobe Flex Team. Isn’t it amazing…!!

This is rally a very innovative way to make community more aware and to understand the details of the SDK of Flex 3 (Flex frame work) with ActionScrpt 3, as well as AIR.

Even you can get MAX 2008 registration.

For the first two contributors to have 10 patches committed, we’ll pay for your MAX 2008 registration (any region).

One more thing which like, too is :

Incentive Program Rules (subject to adjustment at any time)

  • You must follow our Coding Conventions
  • You must be a citizen of Earth (no proof required)
  • You must be helpful in providing book options in your wish list that won’t get the Flex team fired if we buy it
  • You must not deluge the system with silly bugs in an attempt to provide fixes

Flex is in real mean an Open Source.

Enjoy flexing . . .

Mayur Rami 🙂