Flash Player 10 Documentation

Adobe has kept their promise towards ‘ Open source ‘ softwares.

Adobe has released Flash Player 10 ( beta Astro )Documentation

Really Flash Player 10 has many more new features like for 3D, New Support for Text, Improved Fillers and Effects etc.

Some newly added packages and Classes in Flash Player 10 are as below.

  • flash.desktop
  • flash.text.engine
  • flash.geom
  • flash.geom.MAtrix3D
  • flash.geom.Orientation3D
  • flash.geom.Utils3D
  • flash.geom.Vector3D
  • Top Level – Vector etc.

Go and get it from… here

This will really improve the development of  AIR applications with Flex and Actionscrpt 3.

Above all these, One thing Adobe missed out is improvement over Zooming. ( Yes, there must some improved support for Zooming like ” Deep Zoom – of – Silverlight )

Mayur Rami